The 2 AM phone call…

My mission is to share my experiences to help you see the possibility of reaching goals.  Well, two nights ago I went to check my son’s blood sugar numbers one last time before I turned in for some zzzz’s.  Somewhere around 1:30- 2 AM.  It’s pretty well routine now. I think I could do the entire process in my sleep.  So, sit down on the side of his bed, put in a test strip, clean his finger, prick it, wipe off the first drop then collect the second and wait for the beep – oh and hit the button so it lights up to be able to read the numbers clearly.


Open eyes, close them and re-open again just to make sure I am seeing clearly. WHAT!?!?! That is a 1 …  followed by a 0 … and then an 8??  108 But, but he was 106 HOURS ago. WHAT!  YES it is!!! Now I can’t see because of the tears of joy.  It has been MONTHS since we have seen him go this long and hang out at a very acceptable number.  HalleluYah!

ring… ring

Hello?  ARE YOU OK? Oh my what’s wrong?!

Oh my dear friend you won’t believe what has happened!  You won’t guess what fabulous, outstanding, no words to describe how wonderful of a thing has happened!

We spend the next 30 minutes or so as I share the wonderful news and we thank our Creator for the blessing and especially the friendship that we can call one another at anytime to carry burdens and share the joy.

By morning time his numbers rose quite a bit, but it didn’t steal my joy… There was a repeat the following night but with an improvement for his waking numbers in the morning… Who knows what’s in store tonight…


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