Sugar: The Rejected Truth

Most who know me have heard me preaching about sugar.  I often start the topic with the question:

  • Do you know the difference between a can of beer and a can of soda?
  • What about do you know the difference between how they each affect our bodies?  Specifically?
  • What about which organ processes the high-fructocse-corn-syrup? And which one the beer?

OH, well… My friend you have GOT to see the video by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, where he explores high-fructose and how our bodies process it. For a direct link its on youtube titled:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Now for the really, really sad part is over 40 years ago, there was a man who warned about the dangers yet he was squashed, so to speak.  Scientist John Yudkin was the first to sound the alarm about the excess of sugar in the diet of modern Americans. His classic exposé, Pure, White, and Deadly, clearly and engagingly describes how sugar is damaging our bodies, why we eat so much of it, and what we can do to stop. He explores the ins and out of sugar, from the different types—is brown sugar really better than white?—to how it is hidden inside our everyday foods, and how it is damaging our health.

In 1972, Yudkin was mostly ignored by the health industry and media, but the events of the last forty years have proven him spectacularly right. Yudkin’s insights are even more important and relevant now, with today’s record levels of obesity, than when they were first published. Brought up-to-date by childhood obesity expert Dr. Robert H. Lustig, this emphatic treatise on the hidden dangers of sugar is essential reading for anyone concerned about their health, the health of their children, and the wellbeing of modern society.

So if we never meet again, I implore you to look at sugar and its real effects on our bodies as they attempt to function. And I will leave you with one last question:

  • If a beer didn’t give a “buzz” would you then give it to your child or infant?

(Oh, do you remember my previous post “out of the box” where I touched on our hospitalization, when I wasn’t talking with docs, nurses, family members or friends I was watching this video – over and over – beating myself up because a dear dear friend had shared this with me many months prior yet I had not taken the warning to heart while thankful I had been provided an amazing avenue with a wealth of information!)


5 thoughts on “Sugar: The Rejected Truth

  1. I learned about Dr Lustig about three years ago in a New York Times article and have talked about him to a lot of people since. Now I try to lower my sugar intake even more so than before, and have convinced my Significant Other to do the same.
    Have I told you about the video “Fat, sick and nearly dead”? It’s (spoiler alert ^^) about all the benefits you get from eating vegetables and fruit. So, let’s remove that deadly sugar and eat more healthy greens!

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    1. Dr. Lustig has some fantastic info and inspires others to share the info! 🙂

      The video sounds very familiar but I think it is still on my ‘to watch’ list.

      YES YES!! Let’s do just that – remove the deadly sugar and eat healthy greens!

      I always look forward to your comments 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Also, I just can’t believe how sugar is just everywhere in processed food: even in salad dressing! The problem is, sugar has been proved to be more addictive than cocaine (at least for the lab rats involved in the study). That explains why some of my no-so-sweet desserts are not always appreciated 🙁…

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