Infinite Joy

I have to confess I struggle with remembering to count my blessings… Especially on days like I have experienced this past week when my sons blood sugar numbers have been all over the map and well outside a ‘normal’ let alone ‘healthy’ range.   But tonight’s middle of the night check is one of those where joy overflows – the kind of joy where you wake up your spouse, you call your best friend in the middle of the night to share great news! Praise our creator!  The joy seems infinite at times like these 🙂  And it’s a joy that one has to share – I give you my joy, take all you need, and take a little extra to give someone else in need…


IRA’s – 401k’s – Pension Plans – But, what about your health plan? (it’s not what you think)

The year is starting to wind down in a little over a month.  This is often the time when open enrollment comes around for employer benefits.  With the current economy many of us take this time of year to re-evaluate our financial plans and insurance coverage.  We spend time analyzing our retirement accounts, gains or losses. Calculating future balance projections.

But, how many of us consider our health retirement account?  You know, the state of health we will be in when retirement comes around.  What is going to be our health status when the time comes around to cash in on our retirement funds?  Are we making plans now to reach a health goal during our prime years of life?  After all – it is prime.  Shouldn’t this be the time of our life when we are at our most vibrant state?

A few of the definitions from

  • of the greatest relevance or significance:
  • the most flourishing stage or state:
  • the period or state of greatest perfection or vigor of human life:

Yet what do most of us think of when we think of our retirement years?  Several chronic health problems come to mind. Why is that?  Could it be we have failed to make a health retirement plan? Or is disease inevitable?  Can we make choices today which will impact our health 10, 15, 30 years from now?

How many of us have written down our financial goals we hope to achieve by retirement?  The purpose of those financial goals is to fund our lifestyle right?  So what is our health goals to go with that lifestyle? For me this is an area I need to spend more attention on and impress to my children the importance of managing their health just as they have been taught to manage their money.

What are your strategies for prime health in your retirement years? What ways can we invest in our health ‘today’ for optimal health ‘tomorrow’?  Thanks for stopping by!  As always, I enjoy your comments and questions!



Heeeeere’s Poppy!” via Autism in Our Nest

This was such a touching post I had to share! What a beautiful family!!! I am blessed just from reading the words, can only imagine the blessings Poppy brings to those he is among…

Heeeeere’s Poppy!”


“C’mon, Declan!  Go get your coat!  It’s time to go meet Poppy for PIZZA!”


“YESSS!  I’m so excited.  I am going to scare him with my mask and then I will play with him!”  Declan yells as he grabs his coat and his Spiderman mask and runs to the door…(rest of the post at Autism In Our Nest)

The Eye of My Needle — Roth Poetry

We often think “diet & exercise” are the key to health. Then we overlook one very important, perhaps even of greater importance, factor: Our attitude. How we approach life, especially during challenges play an intricate part in our state of health. Many functions are tied to ‘stress’, whether good or bad.

While we can’t, and shouldn’t, control others we can control ourselves. This poem reminded me of the importance of our responses in the journey of restoring good health.

When confronted with the caustic attitudes of the current political campaign, it is easy to get caught up in negativity. How we respond is our choice. When a friend has been injured by the words or actions of others, it is easy to jump onboard and promote the negativity. I am proposing there is an […]

via The Eye of My Needle — Roth Poetry


Balance. It applies to so many things around us. Have you ever thought about what is needed to keep specific things in balance?  Such as what is required to keep the air being cooled by the air conditioner in your home?  Or what about what happens if you add more yeast in a bread recipe? Most of us have probably experienced an out of balance tire on our vehicles, it certainly makes for a rougher ride especially for the driver.

Today I was reading over some of my previous posts, especially those which had information which was new to me.  These questions came to mind – How does this information affect my direction?  What about any information which presents an opportunity for me to change?  What if there is something presented which shows an obvious need for change but the change is just not plausible?

What do we do when we want the best health choice for ourselves or a family member but for what ever reason it’s not an option for us?  For instance, a topic which is often hotly debated is formula v. breastfeeding.  If you have seen my other posts you probably figured out I have strong convictions regarding the subject. But, I want to share that even though I advocate exclusive breastfeeding I was faced with the challenge of being in a situation where it just wasn’t viable!

My oldest had severe re-flux and my youngest had a sudden stop in growth.  In an attempt to provide a solution for my children to get back on a track, formula entered our lives.  What I have found is sometimes we are faced with solutions of A or B.  We want option A but it’s not possible.  So we choose the next option that benefits us the most.

Now, how do we balance out our convictions and our circumstances?  What do we do when we know solution A is the better health choice but it is not capable of meeting immediate health needs?  What if we really, really want that solution?  From past experience that is one of the roughest roads to navigate.  Having others in my life who were supportive and helpful in guiding me through the turns was indispensable.

What is interesting is some of the supporters had similar convictions, but there were some who were on the other side of the spectrum.  Reminiscing on this got me thinking about how much we can learn from others when we view things from their perspective or through their circumstances.  The valuable insights that we gain.

For instance, the person who encouraged me the most to pursue this profession has some convictions which differ from mine.  We have “topics” that we are on very different pages.  But I look forward to talking with this person and bouncing ideas off of them as much as, and in some ways more than, those who I already have a common view with.

This afternoon we had another one of our encouraging conversations, but since our conversation I have been pondering what is it about them that I look forward to what their perception is?  Why is it that even though we may be at opposite ends I crave their insights?

I have come to the conclusion it is balance.  They know how to balance their convictions with a sincere desire to know the perspective of others.  I am so thankful to have such a great mentor and guide.  Its people like these who make overcoming health obstacles possible.


Some days…

There are some days more humbling than others.  Some days where blessings are more vivid than others. Some days when you just want to sit and consider those who have touched your life in meaningful ways.  Some days when you can’t fathom what brought you in contact with those extraordinary people.

Today is all of those.

Involve me and I will learn {Mirror & Soul}

I came across this on another blog but didn’t see a button to re-blog it so going to make an attempt to do so on my own 🙂  This really hits the core of my philosophy and how we “teach” others…

Anyway Loved the post from Mirror & Soul


The 2 AM phone call…

My mission is to share my experiences to help you see the possibility of reaching goals.  Well, two nights ago I went to check my son’s blood sugar numbers one last time before I turned in for some zzzz’s.  Somewhere around 1:30- 2 AM.  It’s pretty well routine now. I think I could do the entire process in my sleep.  So, sit down on the side of his bed, put in a test strip, clean his finger, prick it, wipe off the first drop then collect the second and wait for the beep – oh and hit the button so it lights up to be able to read the numbers clearly.


Open eyes, close them and re-open again just to make sure I am seeing clearly. WHAT!?!?! That is a 1 …  followed by a 0 … and then an 8??  108 But, but he was 106 HOURS ago. WHAT!  YES it is!!! Now I can’t see because of the tears of joy.  It has been MONTHS since we have seen him go this long and hang out at a very acceptable number.  HalleluYah!

ring… ring

Hello?  ARE YOU OK? Oh my what’s wrong?!

Oh my dear friend you won’t believe what has happened!  You won’t guess what fabulous, outstanding, no words to describe how wonderful of a thing has happened!

We spend the next 30 minutes or so as I share the wonderful news and we thank our Creator for the blessing and especially the friendship that we can call one another at anytime to carry burdens and share the joy.

By morning time his numbers rose quite a bit, but it didn’t steal my joy… There was a repeat the following night but with an improvement for his waking numbers in the morning… Who knows what’s in store tonight…