Breakfast “pudding”

Another delicious breakfast, comfort food 🙂

Delicious Breakfast 'Pudding'

Delicious Breakfast 'Pudding'

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Delicious Breakfast 'Pudding'


  • 1 T grass-fed butter
  • 2 cup coconut or almond milk
  • 3 T chia seeds
  • 3 T ground flax seed
  • Optional Toppings:

  • chopped pecans
  • chopped almonds
  • hemp hearts
  • fresh berries
  • Salt to taste


  1. In a medium sauce pan on medium heat, add 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 cup of coconut milk, chia seed and flax.
  2. Stir Continuously, adding in the remaing coconut/nut milk until thick (around 3-4 min)
  3. Pour in bowl and top with berries, nuts and/or other seeds
  4. Enjoy!


Super easy grain-free “Oatmeal”

There is nothing like a warm breakfast that is filled with scrumptious flavors!!!

Super easy grain-free 'oatmeal'

Super Easy Grain-free 'Oatmeal'

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Super easy grain-free 'oatmeal'


  • 1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1/2 cup raw nut mixture of almonds and pecans soaked
  • 1/2 cup coconut or nut milk
  • 1 pitted medjool date, soaked for 10 minutes in hot water
  • 3-4 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup fresh berries
  • 1 tsp grass-fed butter (optional)
  • Salt to taste


  1. In high powered blender blend up coconut flakes, chia and nuts
  2. add in date and ‘milk’ blend well
  3. serve warm or cold – topped with berries

Superfoods – SuperYOU!

You Are What You Eat!

This phrase can be taken quite literally. Our body’s fuel source is the food we eat and if we are not paying proper attention to this, we put ourselves in the position of struggling to THRIVE in our daily lives.

The validity of scientific research and the emerging nutritional advances have given us incredible clarity on what foods truly are superior to others for our health. Appropriately, these foods have been named the superfoods!

Join me on this replay from one of my recent webinars to get clear on how you can regain your optimal fuel and health by incorporating superfoods into your diet.


Moms Transforming Their Child’s Health

I speak to so many moms who tell me they lie awake for hours every night, searching for answers to their child’s digestive issues.  It’s never easy when a child has to take a lot of time off sick, especially when doctors can’t pinpoint the true problem then disregard natural options while digestive issues continue to linger and escalate.

That’s why I am announcing my new group: “Parents Taking Charge of Digestive Health”
It’s a free group for Moms to come together and discuss real-world, practical solutions to their child’s digestive issues. Our aim is to get to a place where:
– Quality time with family and friends is the norm,
– Stomach pain, bloating, sickness and digestive issues are a thing of the past,
– Our children are filled with happiness and vitality;
Join my community of like-minded moms where we uncover natural solutions for combating GI imbalances.
We don’t moan, we don’t complain – We Are Empowered – We create health for our children!
We transform into laying awake at night reminiscing about the joyous moments from our day!


I’m sorry…

Dear readers,

I owe you all a HUGE apology.

I was just doing a client review of what’s happened in the last several months.  In just a short span of time, my clients have been able to:

Eliminate SIBO

Reduce anxiety and depression

Restore thyroid function

Lose unwanted weight…

I’ve been so busy helping THEM achieve these kinds of extraordinary results that I haven’t had the time to share with YOU how you can transform your health!

For that, I’m really sorry.

Every day I’ve been hearing from people who are suffering from SIBO.  An email from someone whose thyroid is not functioning well.  A Facebook message from someone whose child has an autoimmune illness.

The truth is, it’s not hard to create these transformations. It’s just that I’ve dropped the ball helping YOU get those kinds of results.

No more.

I’ve opened up some time in the next week to speak to some ultra-committed people about how they can change the course of their health in ninety days without pharmaceuticals or a lot of supplements.

There’s no charge for this and it’s totally free.

But it’s not for everyone.

Here’s who I can help:  Those who are committed to natural methods of healing, those who are willing to do what ever it takes to accomplish their health goals.

If you’re tired of spinning in circles and suffering from debilitating GI issues, and you’re ready to start getting real results, then I’m making the time to show you how it’s done.

Click here to book your session:    Book a Call!

All the best, 


Healing from GMO’s

Have you come to a point in your health journey where you realize some of the fuels you have been putting in your body were contaminated substances masquerading as “food”.  GMO’s have been controversial topic in many areas of the world.  Over 50 countries have banned them, yet one government has failed to live up to their commitment to keep the the lives safe of those they are supposed to serve – The United States.

The amount of chronic health continues to rise at epidemic rates.  Common sense tells us the manipulation of the food supply is playing a significant role in the astronomical adverse health among not just adults but even more so in the youth.   Join me as I touch on ways to begin the healing process after exposure to foods which have been altered from what our creator made.

You can watch the replay here or join my facebook group for that and other videos on restoring health and vitality.  As always thanks for stopping by and be sure to comment below 🙂

If you are ready to take charge of your health but need guidance and support book a Free Discovery Consultation at the link below:

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Nacogdoches First Functional Forum Meet-up: Evolution of Pediatrics

Calling all East Texas Health Practitioners and Students!

We are excited to announce East Texas first Functional Health Meet-up.

January 22, 2018 6:30-8:30 PM SFA Education Annex Building Room 126

This meet-up is an opportunity to gather with local like-minded health professionals to discover the latest clinical research, participate in engaging conversations, and for practitioners to develop their referral networks – it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a tribe to turn our runaway healthcare system around – be a part of that tribe!

Please help us spread the word and share this invite with others! Looking forward to seeing you there 

For our first Functional Forum of 2018, we are thrilled to present: The Evolution of Pediatrics
Of all the medical specialties, Pediatrics has been the slowest to evolve due to its traditionally conservative viewpoint. However, with massive rise in chronic pediatric illness, more and more pediatricians (and parents) are looking for answers outside of the conventional box.

In this episode, we traveled across the country to meet with pediatric practices and practitioners on the cutting edge of this medical evolution.

First, we interview two sister pediatricians, Dr. Nicole Shorrock, who was featured on the June Forum: “Evolution of Neurology” and her sister, Dr. Katie Long, who practice together as part of a hospital-based practice near Sacramento, California. They share how they have been able to practice functionally inside a conventional medical system.

Next, we met with Dr. Sheila Kilbane, an integrative pediatrician based on Charlotte, North Carolina who was featured on last summer’s “Journey to 100”. Dr. Kilbane showed us around her practice and talked about antibiotics, gut heath and chronic illness.

Also featured is Kimberly Shirk, a Physician’s Assistant trained in functional and integrative medicine and member of our Practice Accelerator and Membership Practice Builder programs from Columbia, South Carolina. Kimberly has built an interdisciplinary pediatric clinic, including midwifery and functional medicine, using a low-cost direct primary care model — an evolution in the business model of integrative pediatrics!


Incredible “Insant” Soup!

Well – I purchased another kitchen gadget, one of the latest crazes, an Instant Pot.  It is my first pressure cooker and I have been rather amazed at the results!  Today we needed some broth quick so decided to see if this new gadget could deliver as it claims… I will go ahead and let the cat out of the bag I was VERY pleased! I forgot to add salt but have to say this was the most flavorful basic broth I have had!

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

A tasty QUICK soup when you are in a pinch.


  • 1 Leek
  • 5-6 Celery Stalks
  • 1 Small Onion
  • 1-2 TB Ghee


1. Chop veggies
2. Pre-heat instant pot with the SAUTE setting
3. When it turned “HOT” then I added the ghee and sauteed veggies
4. Once veggies were just under being fully cooked I added water to the 1/2 mark inside the pot
5. Then chose the SOUP setting – adjusted to “LESS”
6. Closed the lid and let it do its thing!

Spring 2018 Organic Food Challenge!

Hello everyone – I have a lot of things in the works right now – one of them is as a contributor to Transcending Into Wellness: A Healthy Living Journey where my Wellness Wednesday video series takes place each week.  The videos are short videos with helpful tips and information to transforming health.

We wrapped up the year with a series Tapping Into the Body’s Innate Healing System.  I covered the five core principles to achieving health and longevity.  plant-1474807.jpg

  • Food
  • Rest
  • Activity
  • Environment
  • Stress

Each of these play a vital role in how our body deals with day to day life.  Together they work in a synergystic manner where together are more powerful than the sum of each.  Anyway…

So – in light of transforming our health we talked about putting quality food, quality fuel, in our body.  Getting that can be a challenge and when we have the vision to not just transform our health but be a catalyst to transform the health of others, growing organic foods seems to be a simple, practical and beneficial way to help spread the opportunity to access quality food in our community.

We are in the process of creating a website but as of now the challenge is on facebook – hope you can join us as we join together to support one another in this new endeavor- urban organic farming!  (whether you are new, experienced or a seasoned ‘non’ urban farmer we would love for you to join us and SPREAD the word!)

Join The 2018 Urban Organic Farm Challenge Here!

(and make homemade treats with your homegrown foods!)


Simple Bone Broth

One of the core “ingredients” to most of the recipes for promoting healing include bone broth. Unfortunately most of the broths in the stores have sugar or other flavorings which can hinder our progress. Making broth is rather simple and something we can make in batches to freeze for later use. I make broth out of any type of bones – we save the carcasses from turkey, chicken and any beef we eat. I freeze the bones until I am ready to make a big batch and follow the following process:

Simple Bone Broth

Simple Bone Broth

  • Servings: varies
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Simple Bone Broth


  • Bones – roasted – (if not see below)
  • Filtered or distilled water
  • 1 -2 tsp. Salt
  • 1 Bunch of Celery – diced
  • 1 small Onion – diced
  • 4-6 cloves of Garlic – minced
  • Oil – Butter – Ghee (choice) for sauteing
  • Parsley (Optional garnish)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 375
  2. Roast uncooked bones for about 30 minutes (if bones are already roasted such as leftovers from a whole chicken previously baked/roasted)
  3. Add bones to large pot or slow cooker and add water until bones are completely covered – then add about 50% more water
  4. If using a pot on the stove bring to a boil , then turn down on a low simmer and simmer for 12-24 hours
  5. If using a slow cooker turn on high for 2-3 hours then on low for 24 hours (can also leave on low the entire time)
  6. After the broth is made I then saute the veggies & garlic in a large stock pot
  7. When the veggies are almost done I strain the broth into this pot with the veggies and cook on low for 6-12 hours
  8. After this round of “cooking” I will either strain out the veggies and add them to a “stir-fry” and save the broth for later recipes or a mixture of straining out some of the broth for later use and some broth with the veggies for later.