Dietary Approaches to Treating Multiple Sclerosis Related Fatigue

IFM is one of the resources for those looking to take a functional approach to health challenges.  This upcoming presentation  came to my attention and I thought I would pass the info along to those who may be interested:

“Research continues to suggest a significant role for modifiable lifestyle factors in arresting and reversing neurodegeneration. Lifestyle, particularly nutrition, offers several avenues for improving brain health. Terry Wahls, MD, Dr. Terry Whalshas been a longtime leader in lifestyle interventions for multiple sclerosis (MS). As MS and other neurodegenerative conditions continue to increase, effective treatments to prevent decline are increasingly important.

In this free Grand Rounds presentation by IFM and the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Wahls will present the latest research on modifiable lifestyle factors that can help patients with MS manage fatigue. She will dive into specific foods and overall nutrition as well as specific tests to assess and monitor the microbiome.

In the Cleveland area? Attend this free event in person at the Cleveland Clinic, Glickman Tower, 2nd Floor.

Attend This Free Live Stream Event to Learn About:

  • Mechanisms by which environmental factors contribute to neurodegenerative disease processes and potential worsening of MS related symptoms
  • Specific food groups that can help stabilize and/or reverse neurodegenerative disease processes and MS related symptoms
  • Identifying an effective and inexpensive test that clinicians and patients can use to monitor the microbiome

Join us this January 24 to learn about the latest approaches to help patients with MS manage one of the most debilitating symptoms of their disease.”
– See more at:


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