Footprints in the sand…

Foot prints in the sand
Foot prints in the sand… Can you number them?

via Discover Challenge: Numbers


10 thoughts on “Footprints in the sand…

  1. I can relate to your thinking of medications. I used to take a lot of meds. After my stage IV melanoma cancer and a vigorous and harsh treatment, I survived. I faded out all of my meds, and just have one left that I couldn’t quite get rid of because it’s the habit forming med. I’m going to get rid of it eventually. Both my husband and I eat healthy, exercise, take herbs and vitamins. I think I’m following you already. Have I gotten your follow yet? Would like to have you in my community.

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    1. Wonderful to hear you are doing well! Very encouraging!!

      Well.. hmmm I thought I had followed you but it didn’t look like you were on my list – hopefully it worked this time when I clicked follow 🙂 I really enjoyed visiting your site – you have some wonderful posts!

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