Heeeeere’s Poppy!” via Autism in Our Nest

This was such a touching post I had to share! What a beautiful family!!! I am blessed just from reading the words, can only imagine the blessings Poppy brings to those he is among…

Heeeeere’s Poppy!”


“C’mon, Declan!  Go get your coat!  It’s time to go meet Poppy for PIZZA!”


“YESSS!  I’m so excited.  I am going to scare him with my mask and then I will play with him!”  Declan yells as he grabs his coat and his Spiderman mask and runs to the door…(rest of the post at Autism In Our Nest)


The Eye of My Needle — Roth Poetry

We often think “diet & exercise” are the key to health. Then we overlook one very important, perhaps even of greater importance, factor: Our attitude. How we approach life, especially during challenges play an intricate part in our state of health. Many functions are tied to ‘stress’, whether good or bad.

While we can’t, and shouldn’t, control others we can control ourselves. This poem reminded me of the importance of our responses in the journey of restoring good health.

When confronted with the caustic attitudes of the current political campaign, it is easy to get caught up in negativity. How we respond is our choice. When a friend has been injured by the words or actions of others, it is easy to jump onboard and promote the negativity. I am proposing there is an […]

via The Eye of My Needle — Roth Poetry

Involve me and I will learn {Mirror & Soul}

I came across this on another blog but didn’t see a button to re-blog it so going to make an attempt to do so on my own 🙂  This really hits the core of my philosophy and how we “teach” others…

Anyway Loved the post from Mirror & Soul