Hello!  My name is Salena and I am functional medicine health and wellness practitioner with a passion to help others restore their health.  I specialize in helping those with autoimmune challenges, especially those who are children.

In 2014 my family was impacted by an autoimmune disease when my eldest was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic.  This took us by complete surprise due to no family history of diabetes and after all, we ate ‘organic’, homemade foods.  As my child lay in the ICU my mission to restore health was ignited.   ‘The Functional Perspective’ is a result of that spark.  My work is to restore health in those who are faced with a health obstacle most others think to great to overcome.

The website consists of blog posts with a variety of topics such as the all important Microbiome and the three game changing diagnostic tests for autoimmune sufferers.  There is a recipe section (with many recipes inspired by my children) as well as a page with links to research and other scientific resources.  Of course the most important page is the one with my contact info – I offer a free 15 minute no-obligation consultation.  You can also find the pricing for my services on that page.  I hope you find information to better your, or a loved one’s, health and look forward to the opportunity to help you navigate the road to better health!   ~Salena