So you are ready to take a smarter approach to health!  Fantastic!!!  Because each of you are on your own journey I work with you to develop a customized health transformation strategy which puts you back in the drivers seat of your health.  I offer multiple packages to meet your needs are flexible to meet your needs.  The best way to begin is with a 45 minute discovery consultation.  After the consult we can map out a plan of action designed just for you!


All programs include:

  • Becoming crystal clear on your health goals
  • Learn to tap into your body’s innate healing system
  • Take that to the next level and work with that system
  • Create a plan to health transformation


Essentials for Health Transformation:

For relatively healthy individuals seeking a self-care strategy.

Kickstart Health Transformation:

Our most popular program designed for those with multiple chronic health challenges.

Reclaiming Health the Functional Way:

When chronic health has turned into a runaway train, it takes a powerful strategy to change the course and remain on that new path of vitality.


Pantry Make-Overs 

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