So you have browsed the site, gotten to know me a little and are ready to take your health to the next level!  Fantastic!!!  Because each of you are on your own journey my packages are flexible to meet your needs.  The best way to begin is with a free 15 minute consultation.  After the free consult we can map out a plan of action designed just for you!  The following are some of the things I offer:

In-depth Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment & Analysis

  • 90 min Initial Consultation – $375
  • 30 min Follow-up Consultations – $50-100

I also offer a yearly membership  option:

  • $135/mo includes Initial Consultation and unlimited follow-ups at a discounted rate of $20/follow-up.   Other benefits included with the Membership option are:
    • Direct access to discounted standard labs
    • Discounts on Functional Health Diagnostic Testing
    • Discounted follow-up visits
    • Membership with MyMD Select

Pantry Make-Overs (approx 60 min) – $50

Submit the form below, email or call to schedule your free consultation!

You may have concerns about online communication being secure – I TOTALLY get that concern!!!  Which is why I use a private email provider with encryption services.   IF you are interested in ways to protect your side(both coming and going) of email communications you may want to check out my blog post here: