Spring 2018 Organic Food Challenge!

Hello everyone – I have a lot of things in the works right now – one of them is as a contributor to Transcending Into Wellness: A Healthy Living Journey where my Wellness Wednesday video series takes place each week.  The videos are short videos with helpful tips and information to transforming health.

We wrapped up the year with a series Tapping Into the Body’s Innate Healing System.  I covered the five core principles to achieving health and longevity.  plant-1474807.jpg

  • Food
  • Rest
  • Activity
  • Environment
  • Stress

Each of these play a vital role in how our body deals with day to day life.  Together they work in a synergystic manner where together are more powerful than the sum of each.  Anyway…

So – in light of transforming our health we talked about putting quality food, quality fuel, in our body.  Getting that can be a challenge and when we have the vision to not just transform our health but be a catalyst to transform the health of others, growing organic foods seems to be a simple, practical and beneficial way to help spread the opportunity to access quality food in our community.

We are in the process of creating a website but as of now the challenge is on facebook – hope you can join us as we join together to support one another in this new endeavor- urban organic farming!  (whether you are new, experienced or a seasoned ‘non’ urban farmer we would love for you to join us and SPREAD the word!)

Join The 2018 Urban Organic Farm Challenge Here!

(and make homemade treats with your homegrown foods!)



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