IRA’s – 401k’s – Pension Plans – But, what about your health plan? (it’s not what you think)

The year is starting to wind down in a little over a month.  This is often the time when open enrollment comes around for employer benefits.  With the current economy many of us take this time of year to re-evaluate our financial plans and insurance coverage.  We spend time analyzing our retirement accounts, gains or losses. Calculating future balance projections.

But, how many of us consider our health retirement account?  You know, the state of health we will be in when retirement comes around.  What is going to be our health status when the time comes around to cash in on our retirement funds?  Are we making plans now to reach a health goal during our prime years of life?  After all – it is prime.  Shouldn’t this be the time of our life when we are at our most vibrant state?

A few of the definitions from

  • of the greatest relevance or significance:
  • the most flourishing stage or state:
  • the period or state of greatest perfection or vigor of human life:

Yet what do most of us think of when we think of our retirement years?  Several chronic health problems come to mind. Why is that?  Could it be we have failed to make a health retirement plan? Or is disease inevitable?  Can we make choices today which will impact our health 10, 15, 30 years from now?

How many of us have written down our financial goals we hope to achieve by retirement?  The purpose of those financial goals is to fund our lifestyle right?  So what is our health goals to go with that lifestyle? For me this is an area I need to spend more attention on and impress to my children the importance of managing their health just as they have been taught to manage their money.

What are your strategies for prime health in your retirement years? What ways can we invest in our health ‘today’ for optimal health ‘tomorrow’?  Thanks for stopping by!  As always, I enjoy your comments and questions!




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