500,000 to 6.1 million

Sigh. Sadness.  If you read my previous post I received my training materials today and was ecstatic to get to delve into the books!  The excitement is still here, but had to stop and post this as it is one more reason I have chosen this path.  My heart sinks and breaks when some of my greatest fears are confirmed.

We have a serious health crisis in our society.  It’s all around us!  While we keep waiting for cures for this and cures for that – the diseases run rampant – nearly all are classified as an “epidemic”.  And it’s no wonder!  The comment that triggered this post was a quote by Dr. Vince Fortanasce “Alzheimer’s begins in childhood.” [emphasis added]

Did you read that and take moment to consider that?

The first thing that ran through my mind was anger! Remembering the anger at the ‘healthcare professionals’ telling me the day after my child came out of the ICU that it was FINE for him to have a soda, cake, candy bars  “there is no reason to change your lifestyle we have medicine for that”   Those were their exact words! And they not only said it but encouraged it!  I was so angry then it was all I could do to hold back my tears.  Getting my child out of their care had become my number one priority – they had no clue what went into my child’s body TODAY is what affects him TOMORROW and MANY years from now.

My anger quickly turned to heartache as I looked around at so many who followed that advice because there was a “degree” attached to it.  My heart breaks when I see families with children suffering with a disease and especially when that disease is one typically associated with the elderly.  My heart aches.

So when I stopped my reading to do a quick search on Dr. Fortanasce and came across this short video I had to share. He mentions in 1954 there were 500,000 suffering with Alzheimers in 2011 the figure was now 6.1 Million.  Whether you are reading this and already know these things or someone who is searching for a path other than the standard american way – please, please continue on the path of searching – there will never be a “cure” as no drug can reverse the effects we cause from our actions – our diet, exercise, sleeping, etc.  If we want to ‘cure’ something like alzheimers, diabetes, cancer – you name it – we must start long before the disease begins – the reason for the disease is we chose a path that disrupts our bodies homeostasis.  We must choose a path early on that promotes homeostasis to keep our body in a state of ease.

To continue on that wayward path expecting different results is… well my guess is you all know…  I am going to get back to my studying…



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