Well, so it begins…

I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a friend with a passion to help others.  Many experiences have shaped who I am but the most recent is why you and I have crossed paths. In 2014 a shocking health event happened with my oldest child.  It was during a point in my life when I thought I had conquered the most difficult events one can have once becoming a parent – suffering the loss of four children during pregnancies. Now I was faced with a more traumatic event as my oldest was on a life-flight to Dallas with a newly diagnosed disease.

From the onset we were encouraged how this is a very manageable disease, not life threatening and one can live a “normal” life, after all  “we have medicine for that”.  And from the onset I was determined to alter the normal outcome of a life being dependent on the latest “medicine” and restore life dependent on the provisions from our Creator.  Let’s face it we have a body that functions in magnificent ways… So two years later, after strong encouragement of a supporter that has been imperative in this journey, I took the plunge to become a health coach in hopes of being able to encourage and guide others to take control of their health and reach their goals of a better outcome.

Are you up for the challenge?  I sure am! Take my hand, let’s do this together… I guarantee you it’s always easier when we have another to help navigate the way…


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